Tips to Apply Shellac

CND Shellac gel nail polish is used by nail salons everywhere, and I’m sure you have wondered if it’s something you could do yourself!  You’d be surprised as to how easy it can be to complete a shellac manicure on your own. It can take a little bit of practice and patience of course, but you could be doing your own manicures before you know it.  If you are struggling to get to a nail technician for best results – then try the tips below for a great homemade version.

Prepare your Nails

First thing to do is prepare your nails by filing the rough edges.  You can do this with a grit nail file. Ensure that your nails are smooth and in the shape that you want them to be.  Make sure you remove any dust that you may see during filing.

Get your Cuticles Ready

Make sure you have a cuticle pusher handy, as you will need that to push back the cuticles to make sure your whole nail is revealed.  Make sure that you do this gently and try not to damage the cuticle itself. If there are any hang nails – you can use the cuticle nipper to get rid of these.  After this use alcohol wipes to clean your nails off.

Apply Shellac Base Coat

Apply a thin layer of the base coat to each of your nails.  Make sure you start from the cuticle upwards, and use even strokes.  To make sure each nail has the perfect coat, make sure that you do this thinly – all the way to the tip.  After this you can stick your hand under a UV lamp for 10 seconds for the base coat to dry.

Put on your Colour

There are lots of vibrant shades of CND Shellac nail gel online that you can purchase, and by this point you should have chosen your colour! Apply a thin layer of the nail polish using broad strokes from inside the base coat up to the tip of the nail.  If you smudge, you can use a cuticle stick to wipe off. You can then dry under the UV lamp for around 2 minutes. You can then repeat the process for a second layer, and dry for another 2 minutes.  

Apply your Top Coat

Once this has been done, you are ready to apply your top coat. You are going to use pretty much the same method but are going to use the polish to the edge of the base coat and cover the other layers completely. Once done, use the UV lamp again for another 2 minutes.  

The Finishing Touches

That’s you pretty much all done!  Now all you need to do is wipe your nail with the alcohol solution to get rid of any sticky residue and apply some cuticle oil.  After this – you will have the perfect homemade manicure.

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