Tips for your kitchen 2016

For a lot of people, the kitchen is the core of family life and a lot of time is spent. Building and designing your perfect kitchen might seem expensive, unlikely and unfeasible; however with these tips it might now be as unimaginable as you think! Here are some great tips on designing and re-styling your kitchen in

Keep It Free of Clutter

No-one wants an untidy kitchen, particularly when preparing food. Kitchens are far less stressful and spacious when free of clutter and unnecessary mess. Cooking in a cramped, cluttered or packed environment will make the room look far smaller than it is, provide an unwelcoming atmosphere and can also affect your food and cooking preparations. The best way to overcome a cluttered kitchen is by investing in storage to keep all table-tops and surfaces clean and tidy.

Family Time

If you do have sufficient space to do so, putting a dining table in your kitchen is a great way to get everyone together and enjoy dinner and family time in the evenings. It’s the perfect way to share some quality time and get everyone in the same room as you tuck into a delicious dinner. You don’t need a huge kitchen to be able to enjoy Modoola sitting round a table, as you can buy a smaller one or even fit a breakfast bar in as part of your design which will also save some space.


Consider Your Personal Style

However, while having a spaciousness kitchen would be ideal, all comes down to personal taste and preference. For example, if you don’t fancy yourself as the next Gordon Ramsey and see your kitchen as more of a social space rather than to spend time cooking in, then you will want more detailed, soft furnishings that create a welcoming feel.

Keep Your Kitchen Bright

It’s no secret that bright rooms make them appear to be bigger than they are. A kitchen is a place that requires effective lighting to carry out tasks such as cooking ad enjoying spending time. There are many options when it comes to kitchen lighting and different ranges, whether its spotlights, wall lights or floor lamps. The range from Lampcommerce specialise in effective kitchen lighting to keep your kitchen shining bright.

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