Tips for Healthier Cholesterol Levels

Many people today have high cholesterol levels, and this is linked to their lifestyle choices among other things. This is dangerous since build-up of cholesterol in the blood can cause hardening of arteries and result in issues such as stroke and heart disease.

High cholesterol is caused by poor eating habits, excessive smoking, alcohol intake, and lack of exercise among other things. Some people may be genetically predisposed, so if you have had many members of your family having high cholesterol levels, you may be at risk too.

It is important to keep you cholesterol levels in check by eating healthy and exercising regularly. Regular visits to the doctor are also important so that you can have your cholesterol levels checked and get the right medication if you have high cholesterol. There are a couple of things you can do to attain healthier cholesterol levels.

Heart-Friendly Diet

Health experts recommend having more oats and fish in your diet as these are scientifically shown to lower cholesterol levels. Nuts are also a good addition to your diet since they contain unsaturated fats which are needed in the body, are heart-friendly, and will, therefore, not raise your cholesterol levels. However, these should be consumed in moderation since they are high in calories. Lentils, beans, and chickpeas among other pulses lower the rate of cholesterol absorption into the blood and are a good addition to your diet.

Cut down on dairy products and red meat because they have saturated fats which are likely to cause build up in cholesterol in the blood. Instead, go for low-fat dairy products and lean meat. You should also reduce the amount of processed sugar in your diet as it can raise cholesterol levels. Lower your alcohol consumption since alcohol causes weight gain which increases chances of cholesterol build-up in the blood. While red wine is shown to be healthy, too much wine is not good for your health.


As mentioned above, weight gain is linked to cholesterol build-up, so exercise will keep your cholesterol levels in check. Regular exercise is, therefore, important in keeping your cholesterol levels in check. You should also strive to have a more active lifestyle. For instance, walk or cycle instead of driving or taking the bus whenever you can, or even sign up for a dance class during your free time instead of being a couch potato.

Regular Visits To The Doctor

Most importantly, you need to visit the doctor regularly to have your cholesterol levels checked and to get the right prescription medicines in case you have high cholesterol. Early detection will enable you to control your cholesterol levels and possibly lower them before the situation worsens. The right medication can go a long way in keeping your cholesterol levels in check. Make sure you take the medicine as instructed by your physician.

The risk of having high cholesterol increases with age, so testing is mainly done for adults. However, if there is a family history of high cholesterol, children as young as 10 years old should also be checked.

The above tips for healthier cholesterol levels will help you avoid high cholesterol and keep heart disease and other conditions at bay. They are also helpful for people who already have high cholesterol as they will help prevent the levels from rising further and possibly even lower them. It is important to consult with your doctor on the right diet and exercise choices as different regimes are suitable for different people depending on their unique conditions.

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