While Traveling or Living Far Away: Top Apps for Long Distance Lovers

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, you do have phone calls, Skype and social media to help you stay in touch. Sometimes, however, these are simply too ordinary. When you need an extra kick in your long-distance communications, these apps should help.


Here’s a novel idea: what if you could have a social network just for the two of you? You’d get everything that you would at a place like Facebook — photo sharing, a timeline, favorites, updates, chatting — but it would be like you were the only two people in the world. It can be wonderful to see photostream of everything your loved one sees when they’re far away from you.

Couple even comes with a cute feature called Thumbkiss — both of you get to press your thumb on the same spot on your phone screen, and the phone gives you a little buzz.

If you like the basic concept of Couple, but would like some choice, Avocado is an app you should look at. It does cost about $1 a month, but it works quite well. Its photostream feature is a particularly popular one.


Opening an app and going in to view a message from a loved one can take too much time, especially when you need to look at your phone and see a message right there. LokLok is an app that lets you scrawl out handwritten messages that appear on your loved one’s lock screen before they even go in. When you see a message there, you know it could only be from one person.


Scrawling messages out is nice, but sometimes you want to hear their voice. This app does that for you in high-quality audio. You get to send brief messages in your voice for them to play over and over.

Apalon’s Call Recorder for Me

When you talk over the phone, you never know when you’re going to hear something that you want to treasure forever. Call Recorder for Me is a great little app that makes sure you get to treasure every moment, go over it and obsess over every voice inflection to your heart’s content.


You probably see fun little things each day as you go about your business. You might even take a picture and send it to the person you love. If that doesn’t seem quite enough, Touchnote offers a nifty alternative. You take each picture on Touchnote, and the company turns it into a pretty postcard and sends it out. What could be sweeter than that?

Finally, you do have to visit each other sometime. When there is a trip planned, Dreamdays will help you set up a breathless countdown for it. The anticipation can be sweet.

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