Understanding Time Line Therapy ™ 

Time Line Therapy™, often referred to as simply TLT, is a powerful healing practice that has developed from the concepts of NLP and hypnosis. It was developed in the 1980’s by Tad James by adding a therapeutic approach to the idea that all our memories are storied in a time line form within our mental storage system.

When it comes to personal change, growth and development, TLT is one of the most influential series of techniques. It can be used to eliminate the negative emotions that are linked to memories or events in our past.

TLT concentrates on what we need to learn from these events to release the attached negative emotions, and how we can use that which we acquire as a future resource to improve our health and happiness.

Time Line Therapy™ is used to offer a long lasting alteration in human change, and is much faster than what is called ‘brief therapy’. TLT ensures minimum discomfort for every client.

Painful emotions that may be experienced by first time Time Line Therapy™ users include: rage, sadness, regret,guilt, remorse, hurt, fear and anger.

These negative emotions can affect every aspect of life and put in place limiting beliefs. TLT will enable partakers to clear these beliefs and free themselves from restricting life views and thoughts.

Why use Time Line Therapy™?

As opposed to many other forms of therapy, TLT allows users to clear chains of emotion (called gestalts) in one go, instead of one by one. This leads to faster treatment. An example would be: a person has rage issues, TLT works to release ALL anger issues from past events and not just the anger related to one specific event.

The emotion is released from its origins. Some people worry that Time Line Therapy™ will actually clear out the memory attached to these emotions, however it would not be appropriate to do this. The memory will remain and yet the negative emotion attached will be removed.

Why is it important to release negative emotions?

PNI studies and mind-body medicine show that the effects of unsettledadverse feelings have a physical effect on the human body and well-being. It can lead to the advance of illness and symptoms that have no physical root.

Some individuals use relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation to achieve a sense of well-being and health, however this can often be short lived. TLT offers long term benefits that can enhance the use of other mind-body health techniques too.

Time Line Therapy™ is particularly helpful in dealing with stress related conditions like panic, phobias, trauma, performance anxiety, exam nerves and depression.

Why is TLT moderately unknown in the UK?

The reason for the relatively unknown nature of TLT here in the UK, is that practitioners require a high level of both NLP andhypnosis processes to be able to use the therapy.

It’s not something that a therapist could study over a short period of time, and so there will be practitioners currently studying the extensive knowledge base needed for future Time Line Therapy™ use.

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