Upcoming Events at Hyde Park

Did you know that Hyde Park is the largest amongst the four Royal Parks in London? The Park that covers an area of 350 acres came into existence in 1536, when Henry VIII took the land from Westminster Abbey to use it as a hunting ground. It was in 1637 when Hyde Park was opened to the public and since then Hyde Park has been a prominent destination that offers both world-class events and concerts.

However, free speeches at the Speaker’s Corner and demonstrations have always been a key feature of Hyde Park, says an official at The WestBourne Hyde Park, a contemporary boutique hotel situated in the heart of London, one of the best hotels close to the iconic Hyde Park.

5 Events You Should Attend in Hyde Park

  1. Open House London

Hyde Park is giving visitors the opportunity to explore The Lookout, an enclosed and flexible event space admist beautiful private nature gardens on September 16 and 17, 2017, for free, as part of Open House London. However, you do have book yourself at the earliest. The Lookout is used to organise summer parties, press launchers, conferences and more. The space looks stunning, with natural sculptures, wooden terraces and ecological ponds.

  1. A Right Royal Ramble

Another event taking place in Hyde Park on September 16, 2017, is a walking tour, called “A Right Royal Ramble,” to allow visitors to discover some of the most important moments in the park’s fascinating history. Here you’ll learn everything about the Royal parks and the Royals, including various special moments.

  1. Frieze London & Frieze Masters

Frieze London is the contemporary art event, while Frieze Masters is an art fair that features more than 130 leading modern and historical galleries from around the world, showcasing art from the ancient era and Old Masters to the late 20th century. The event will take place from October 5 to 19, 2017, at Reagent’s Park. Here, you will get a chance to art works by more than 1,000 of the world’s leading artists, and buy them as well. When at Reagent’s Park, don’t forget to visit the Frieze Sculpture Park set in the English Gardens.

  1. Royal Parks Half Marathon 

This event takes place at Hyde Park each October. The 13.1 mile run, including over 16,000 runners, will start at Hyde Park and finish here as well, covering four of London’s eight Royal Parks, Hyde Park, The Green Park, St James’ Park and Kensington Gardens. In 2 017, the Royal Parks Half Marathon will take place on October 8. When in Hyde Park to enjoy the half marathon, do visit the Food and Fitness Festival for a memorable experience. With a large number of 4 star hotels near Hyde Park, accommodation will never be a problem either.

  1. The Secret Pet Cemetery of Hyde Park

This is a walking tour that will be held on October 14, 2017, during which visitors will be given the opportunity to visit the Victorian Pet Cemetery in Hyde Park that contains the remains of over 300 animals, many in graves marked by tiny headstones, dating back to the 1880s. This cemetery is rarely open to the public.

Even if you want to just enjoy solitude, there will still be a lot of quiet places in Hyde Park where you can unwind and relax. However, do book yourself into a 4 star hotels near Hyde Park well in advance.

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