Vape Care 101: How To Keep Our Device Clean And Your Smoke Smooth

If you regularly vape and have done so for a while, you might have become accustomed to various signs of an increasingly clogged-up vaporiser. The accumulation of vape juice residue might have evidenced itself in, for example, weaker flavour and vapour production and a burnt-tasting vape.

Naturally, then, it is in your interest to regularly clean your device before it has the chance to falter in any such way. Here are some tips for cleaning different components of vaporisers…

Cleaning a vape tank

It can prove all too easy for e-liquid residue to build up in a vaporiser. This is largely due to various ingredients of e-liquids; think vegetable glycerin and particular darker e-juice flavourings. Either could gunk up a coil, which you should remove from a tank before cleaning the latter.

You should clean the coil as well, and we will come to that subject a little later. In the meantime, disassemble the tank, while remembering which parts of it go where, and then use one of the various cleaning methods recommended by the Vaping360 website.

A standard rinse might suffice if your tank remains relatively clean – but if you seek especially good results, you should consider rinsing with a cleaning agent or using an ultrasonic cleaner.

Cleaning coils

The precise manner in which you clean a coil will depend on what type of coil it is. For replaceable coil heads meant to be used with sub ohm tanks, you can spend at least two hours at a time soaking them in ethanol or vinegar before rinsing them under the tap.

However, doing all of this wouldn’t spare you needing to replace the coil head at some point; you would just wring an extra few days’ use out of it at the most.

There’s more sense in cleaning coils intended for a rebuildable atomiser. You can clean those coils after removing the wicks from them; then, subject them to a light dry burn by using the device’s fire button to remove lingering liquid. Follow this by letting the coils cool down and re-wicking.

Cleaning a vape pen

Vaporisers are available in various forms, including as delightfully sleek-looking vape pens. You can find a good stock of these at a retailer like Pure Eliquids, which is a specialist retailer of vape products. Shisha vape pens are noteworthy for their enduring batteries and efficiency in producing vapour.

Still, whichever type of vape pen you choose, you should be careful how you clean it. For a tank that detaches from a vape pen, refer to the vape tank cleaning advice that we have already provided.

As for the pen’s battery section, you should keep that clean too, albeit not with water. Instead, use a soft cloth for everyday cleaning and a wet towel for removing stains, all the while acting gingerly to prevent buttons and charging ports from getting wet.

If you still find yourself often experiencing a burnt taste when vaping, the same company from which you originally bought your vaporiser might be able to provide advice on the issue.

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