Varicose Vein Exercises

Varicose veins are not only unsightly and annoying, but they’re often painful. In some cases, they’re even debilitating. While some exercises may be off-limits for people with vein problems, others are safe and highly recommended. In fact, regular exercise can help improve the circulation problems that can cause varicose veins in the first place.

Whether your varicose veins are the result of genetics, hormonal changes, weight gain or another issue, there are exercises that may help. Skip heavy-duty aerobic activities and running on paved surfaces, and instead incorporate low-impact exercises to help you stay fit. Here are a few possibilities and why they’re worth trying:

  1. Take a brisk walk — Walking is one of the most basic exercises, yet very effective. When you go for a low-impact stroll at a moderate pace, you’ll increase your heart rate and boost blood circulation. Try 30 minutes of brisk walking at least five times a week for positive health benefits.
  2. Go for a jog — For those who can tolerate a good jog, this is another good way to increase circulation, strengthen muscles and improve your health. Just avoid hard surfaces and jog on grassy areas or synthetic tracks instead.
  3. Try yoga — Another great option for people with varicose veins is yoga and/or Pilates. Both involve low-impact stretching and moving, the kind that relieves vein pressure, eases soreness and can reduce swelling in the legs.

These exercises are a great way to help your muscles adjust to movement and build endurance gradually over time. To learn about other great exercises for varicose veins and why they’re effective, take a look at the attached resource. It lists eight of the best ways to work out if you have varicose veins, as well as tips for avoiding injury. 

Author bio: Dr. John Golan is Lead Vascular Surgeon at North Shore Vascular, a vascular surgery specialty practice in Northfield, Illinois. Dr. Golan has 30 years of experience treating veins and arteries, and became the first physician in the Chicago area to provide laser treatment for varicose veins (EVLT). He is responsible for leading diagnosis and providing the best treatment for patients. 

Courtesy of North Shore Vascular

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