How to Visit Malta on a Budget

Nestled in the center of the Mediterranean, the Southern European island nation is often casted as a luxurious treat for travelers and tourists.  With Malta’s stunning beauty and grandeur, the small country can surprise you with a budget that will not hurt your pocket.

Kick off your dreamy vacation with these practical tips that will make your Malta visit a thrilling one.

How to get there

Although a trip to Malta plays a limited role in most European air crafts, Ryanair, easyJet, and Air Malta offer reliable services to the island. A one-way flight from the mainland can practically cost 50-100 EUR per head, especially if you make an advanced booking.  You can also hop to Sicily for a 2.5 hour-flight that has an estimated cost of 59-120 EUR one way depending on the season.

Where to stay

A great deal of accommodation will not give you a hard time finding one.  Hotels and hostels abound on the islands and Airbnb makes the best ally.  As an online hub that offers hospitality services, a variety of authentic holiday apartment is always up for easy and affordable rates.  Tip: Off-season travels offer cheaper rates

A travel junkie suggested Franco’s one-bedroom apartment located in the stunning capital city of Malta – Valletta. A hotspot as cheap as 64 EUR, the apartment caters up to 4 persons with a lovely dining room.  This means one person pays only 16 EUR.  How can you escape Valletta and its strikingly expressive Neo-Classical and modern architecture? Grab a bite of Malta’s traditional food, Pastizzi as you sigh in awe while walking down the historic streets.

Great deals on food and transportation

Paparukei is one of the budget food places in Malta.  Located on the corner of Triq Stuart and The Strand in Gzira, not only does the bakery offer practical rates, it is also a source of delicious bites. One can feast his eyes on delectable choices of cakes, English donuts and sausage rolls. A must-try local sandwich is Ftira with a spread of tuna and olives.

Tip: Takeaway boxes do the trick.  Choose anything on the shelves and a small box of delicious goodies will only cost 2 EUR, 4 EUR for the medium and 6EUR for the large carton.  Aside from the wraps and desserts, expect noodles, pasta and beef slices to be poured into your container.

Getting around the island requires a comfortable and convenient mode of transportation.  Malta is known for its superb bus network thanks to Arriva.  Bus services are up on a daily basis with a daily pass of 2.60 EUR per person.  An alternative to the local bus would be hiring a taxi.  This local fleet is not practical as it can cost as much as 10-20 EUR.  For a longer stay in Malta, you can hire a car rental company to accompany you on your tour.  There are a lot of car hire company in Malta that is known for their reliable services.

What to do

If your hotel is right in the heart of Malta, then you are very lucky to be charmed by Valletta’s generous history.  Another bonus is that you can explore the city by foot as you wander the traces left by the Middle Ages.  St. John’s Cathedral (8 EUR) is a sacred place that should not be missed in your itinerary.  Many tourists claimed this communal worship as the most amazing among hundreds of other churches in Malta.  Its ornate vaulted ceiling is in fact stunning.  This Cathedral has stored gems of paintings, too.  Renowned artist Caravaggio has a masterpiece showcased inside.  Titled “The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist,” any visitor will be in full admiration of its life and beauty.

As you continue to explore Valletta, note that the capital of Malta has innate wonders. Revisit the 16th century by making a historic entrance in the City Gate that is built by the Knights of Malta.  Other highlights of the city that should not be missed during your trip are the National Museum of Fine Arts ($7), and the Auberge de Castille de Leon.  Tip: Most museums cost 5 EUR but a Malta tourism card has a saver’s deal of 10-20 EUR based on the number of attractions that you want to incorporate in your package.

If your Malta trip is slated for February, you are lucky to party with the locals in the Maltese Carnival.  This grand cultural event will entertain you free of charge.  Join the festivities with a parade of colorful floats, masked revelers, and marching bands.

Tip: If weather permits, sunny outdoor activities are for free like hiking, swimming, and strolling.  Island tours can cost 25 EUR.

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