What to look for in a personal trainer 

It’s that time of year when people are beginning to show tell-tale signs of getting behind with their new year’s resolution of keeping fit, shifting all the blame on lack of time and slow results. That is why getting a personal trainer could be worth its weight in gold.  

Personal trainers are passionate and fuelled with lots of knowledge about fitness so once you have found the perfect personal trainer; direct your efforts towards seeing results.

But unfortunately finding the right personal trainer is often not as simple as you may think.  The main area of blame is that the personal training industry is not heavily regulated which inevitably means the level of service across the board lacks consistency.  There are good personal trainers who are extremely dedicated to providing their clients with the best possible service but alongside them are a large number of poor personal trainers.

This great infographic I came across from HFE looks at some really important statistics in the industry – covering salary, training, funding and development within the fitness industry. Have YOU ever thought about becoming a personal trainer?

HFE-Fitness_Sector-Infographic (1)

Now what ways you can track down the ideal personal trainer:


May seem obvious but before you start working with a personal trainer you need to check they have the right credentials.  OK a degree in sports science does not guarantee they are the best personal trainer around but it does reflect the fact they have an interest in this subject.  Don’t be afraid to ask a potential personal trainer what other courses they have completed.  In addition to this ask what areas they specialise in.  In other words what will they do to ensure you meet your objectives?  If their skillset is boxing but you can’t stand this sport, this personal trainer may not work well with you.  It is extremely vital you are both working from the same page from the offset.

Do they have a track record of success?

The internet is never too far away from us so use it to your advantage and review personal trainer web pages with the intention to source testimonials.  Where possible talk to their existing clients, after all they are the best piece of marketing for the trainer.

If you are hoping for a mobile personal trainer ask if they are insured in the unfortunate incident that you injure yourself.  Are they equipped with first aid training to take care of you?  Have the confidence to check with any potential trainer what insurance they hold.

Furthermore do they look the part?  We are not saying your personal trainer needs to have a six-pack so help others reach their fitness goals but they must be able to walk the talk so to speak.  Balance is key!

Do you feel comfortable in their presence?

The right personal trainer for you is someone you can build trust with.  Someone that can communicate on your level is paramount but on the flip side choosing someone that is too like yourself may not be the best course of action in the long term.

A good personal trainer will give you a free session, giving you some steer as to whether you will be able to work well together without wasting too much time and more importantly without parting with any cash.

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