Which Dog Matches Your Star Sign?

If you are thinking about getting a dog, any time soon then there are a lot of key considerations to weigh up before you do so. You will have to think through your lifestyle, the amount of space you have and the time you have available for daily exercise.

Then once you’ve put all these together, you can start to plan which breed of dog would thrive within your circumstances. Do you opt for a Daschshund, a Corgi or a Labrador? But there’s another key factor to consider, which breed of dog would have a personality to match yours and ensure you were instant best friends?

A lot of your personality can be summed up in one word. That one word is nearly always your star sign. It controls how we act and how we feel. The star sign is a great indicator for what sort of person we are and therefore which breed of dog would suit us best.

I’m a Virgo, born right in the middle of the window. There’s no shadow of a doubt that I am an incredibly strong representation of all the great things a Virgo should be. Then I looked at the Lords and Labradors chart and I discovered that I’d picked the perfect dog for me, by pure accident.

Too many years ago, I was in the shelter looking for me new favourite dog. I was walking the hallways hoping to fall in love. Then around the corner, right at the end of all the large cages, was one very special dog. A gorgeous looking Siberian Huskie.

Her eyes were one of the first things to steal my heart, and still after many years of living together her eyes still captivate me with eye blink. There is a sense of calmness and absolute power housed within the mind of my dog.

When I spun the wheel and had a look at the perfect dog for a Virgo, I was completely unsurprised to see the Siberian Huskey at the top of the list. I already knew that we belonged together, but it was lovely to see it confirmed in black and white.

I even had a quick flick through to see what breeds of dogs my friends should all be getting. There’s my friend the Pisces who would clearly suit an Australian Shepherd, whilst my Gemini friend would look perfect walking his little Cockapoo around the local part.

With that dawning realisation, I really started to buy in to the links between our star signs and the right dog breeds for us. It’s little wonder that most of the star signs are actually animals anyway. There is such a close connection between the two.

Choosing a dog used to offer out too many choices and too many potential mis-fits between human and animal best friends. Finding the right dog for your personality is just as important as choosing the right person for you dog’s personality.

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