Why should you consider organic food? 

So you have walked down the fresh fruit and veg aisles at your local supermarket but is it worth paying the extra for organic food?  Will eating organic leave you leading a healthier and happier life or is it simply a fad?  The answers to these questions are not always black and white but they are questions that come up all the time.

Hopefully we can try and answer some of these.

What is organic food?

A food type that has been labelled as organic is something that has been produced without the use of herbicides, pesticides or chemicals.  Using these substances can be potentially very dangerous to our nervous systems and can be the leading contributor to tissue and cancer damage.

A few years back an item was either organic or not but as the market continues to be more complex in order for an item of food to be classed as 100% organic it must pass strict tests.

If at least 70% of the ingredients contained are organic the food would be classed as “containing organic ingredients”.  So do check the labels carefully.

Talking of history it used to be just basic produce that was class as organic but in the modern day we live in almost anything can be organic or contain ingredients that are organic.

If you want more information about what is in your favourite foods, take a look online as there is plenty of information available.  Organic food is extremely popular so you should not find it too hard to get information.

It should be noted however that organic food can be very expensive especially if the food contains organic flour or rice.  So why is it expensive?  Organic flours on their own are expensive so it is not surprising if this is added to your favourite food the price quickly rises.

If possible try to use foods that contain single grains if you want to keep the cost of your shopping list down.

Try and support your local farmers who supply organic ingredients but unable to get certified as it is too expensive.

Local farmers would have to undergo strict guidelines in order to supply supermarkets so it can only be a win: win situation as not only are you supporting local your local farm but also buying fresh and organic produce cheaply.

Did you know that in order for eggs, cheese and meat to be organic the animal must have been brought up on an organic diet?  Customers should check whether they are grass fed because this is not the same as being on an organic diet.

If you do choose organic, enjoy it.  You will feel one hundred times better as you will have tons of extra energy and your sleep will hopefully be uninterrupted.

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