Why You Will Never Beat That Just Moved In Feeling

When you have been through the stresses and the strains of moving home, there are some things which should be easy. Your first night in your own home should really be an exciting adventure. It could be the first time you have ever owned all four walls which surround you.

If you wanted to you could do anything you like to your new home. The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination. Well, your imagination and your ever decreasing energy levels.

You have just spent all day moving boxes, shouting at people to move sofas carefully, made forty million decisions on where stuff should go and you’ve managed to forgive your friend who whilst helping you move, also managed to smash your favourite picture frame.

All you want to do now is to sit down and have your first dinner. You’ll definitely end up sitting on the floor because all of the sofas and chairs have the heavy boxes on them. Invariably, all the cooking necessities will be inaccessible and you’ll be walking down the street to the nearest takeout. So fish and chips, sat on the floor, is the finest meal you will have on your first night in your new adventure.

But it doesn’t matter. This is what you have worked so hard for. You spent the long hours looking through all of the options on the L&H Residential website. You found the perfect place and then managed to secure the mortgage to help you buy it. You saved every penny you could and you said no to nights out. But now nothing else matters apart from that feeling of satisfaction.

You’re sat on the floor and you’re eating fish and chips out of the paper wrappings and it is absolutely perfect.

There are things missing in your world. You could really do with a new washing machine, a new mattress and probably a new car. These things mattered yesterday and they will matter tomorrow. Not now though, they just seem like very distant issues.

Today is all about the start of the next chapter in your life. Your adventure starts now with a whole world of possibilities. This is your base for the next ten years and hopefully the future beyond that. This is where you will raise a family, grow old, celebrate birthdays and promotions, heal after injuries and accidents, console friends and family.

These four walls will play such a large part of your life that they will become an essential part of your family and become a character in your story. It will be the backbone of your best stories and the location for your adventures.

Remember these feelings, pay attention to the emotions you are going through right now. These will be the ones you will want to look back on and fondly remember. These are the good times and unless you move home again very soon, you’ll rarely experience these highs.

Moving home can be stressful but it will also be one of the best moments of your life.

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